~ Weddings ~

This is it - the moment, the LOVE, that no doubt you've waited for your entire life.   The greatest day of your days on earth so far, and the day that your life becomes your lives.   You have spent countless hours and dollars on every last detail and perfecting your dream and vision into reality.   The day quickly flies by, never to return - because after all, it IS irreplaceable, isn't it?  So, the most important thing you can do is to ensure you have the memories to look at and treasure forever.   Not just any snapshot, but portraits that take you back to the moments of the deepest emotions you've experienced.   Portraits of people surrounding you who won't always be here. Smiles on faces  -  and the details and specific moments that are their source.   I'll be there to capture it all for you.  Clearly, colorfully, and creatively - not just snapshots.   An engagement minisession is included in your wedding package.  I also offer a just the portraits package for those tight on budget.   If you would like to speak with any of my happy brides, just ask!