~ Marcus and Emmy ~

My Easter minisessions held some of my favorite clients.   Ok, all my clients are my favorite clients in one way or another because I am just lucky like that.   Anyway,  I haven't seen the E  kids since Emmy's newborn shoot (which was amazing!) and wow did she grow and change!    At our first minisession we got torrential downpours mid session, and the last minisession we were wrangling the family dogs at sunset.   Third minisession is a charm I suppose, because this minisession was just easy peasy.   Two cute kids, and lots of fun.   It's funny because when I first photogaphed this family,  there was no Emmy and big brother Marcus was the baby.    In those pictures he wore an orange plaid shirt and as I was editing these I couldn't help but think that Emmy in her orange plaid dress looks JUST like he did.     Enjoy these big brown eyes, curly out of this world lashes, and super smiles :)    Thank you E family!