About Me - Heather Petersheim Photography


I'm so excited and honored you're here!   

Hi I'm Heather! Ever since I was a little girl I have been so fascinated with pictures, and you could often find a disposable funsaver camera in my hand. I love the stories told by pictures, the memories they evoke, and the heirlooms they leave for future generations.  And now, I love capturing that for other people.   I enjoy chatting during our shoot and learning who you are.   I love playing with your children and getting those true smiles from them.   My pictures and albums are my most treasured objects, besides my family of course, and about that...

I am a wife to a great guy,  my hard working best friend who makes me laugh and keeps me sane.  I am a work at home mother of four beautiful girls, including twin toddlers - you could say I'm busy, and I could use 4 more hands :)

An introvert by nature, I love anything creative and I love being home. I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and cooking for my family. I am a runner and need physical activity daily. I am an oiler.  I love being outside and spending time with my family. Reality TV and sweets are my guilty pleasures.  I am compassionate, I am a worrier, and laughter and my faith get me through life. I am a"type A" trapped in a "type B" life right now!       If I had a whole day to do anything I wanted, uninterrupted, I would scrapbook my photographs with my daughters and mom, and eat some yummy Mexican food alone with my man. I love to travel, I love country music, I love to bargain shop, and I love the country.

 I started taking pictures with a DSLR camera shortly after my twins were born so that I could have keepsakes of my girls' little lives.   My business really kind of snowballed quickly and what I hoped would be a flexible full time job by the time the kids were all in full day school, turned into a flexible full time job pretty fast!   I have an art teaching degree from Millersville University and did take a photography class in college but do not remember much. What I do remember is not feeling as passionate about teaching as I do photography.  I LOVE taking pictures, it never gets old to me. I "see" in photographs all day long no matter where I am.  If a stranger offered me a look at their photo album, I'd want to look! I have such dreams and aspirations for my photography career and would love to capture memories for you!